SARMATA Heraldry and Genealogy Office
Grójec k/Warszawy,
Al. Niepodległości 3


        We are entitled to search for every family's history even abroad. Each work includes a genealogical table which may be transformed into the traditional genealogical tree and made in the desired graphic technique. ' Every history' means that we search for not only the basic certificates but we make researches on publications, press, media, mortgage registries, churches, cemeteries, properties, in order to get the more complete information about the family.

        We also do statistical breakdowns concerning the regional incidence of the family name. We look for the family's seat, properties and outstanding family's representatives. The costs of the works are diferentiated, according to individual ordering. They are strictly related to the difficulties in reaching the sources of information, archives, public offices, libraries, parishes, journeys to do, as well on the number of documents to be handled and on the amount of initial informations provided by our client. Although it is difficult to set up a precise cost, which is accorded to individually, we may present some costs, as follows:
- A short work of some or several pages A-4 containing information about the family, family's name and its origin, incidence, belongings to the Polish nobility, description and picture of the coat-of-arms black & white or colour), main family representatives. In a binded booklet format or hardbound - USD 50 - 100 each copy.
- A monograph on the family history (tens or few hundreds of pages A-4) containing all the data as above but much more detailed, added of lateral family lines and genealogical tables. This kind of work includes copies of basic family certificates, pictures of the family representatives if available and other documents such as dyplomas, certificates, notarial and mortgage deeds. It also brings a colour coat-of-arms and is hardbound. This is an important scientifically done work outined in chapters. It costs USD 400 - 1000.
- A genealogical tree made in the desired graphic technique (oil painting, crayon, pastel) - USD 100. Oil painting on canvas - the price is accorded to for each work, depending on the number of elements.
- A signet engraved with the coat-of-arms (silver or gold): the cost is defined by the weight and market price of the precious metal.
- The cost of any other ordering is set up individually.
- The ordering is confirmed by a written agreement, if desired. - In every case there will be a down payment of at least 1/3 of the estimated costs or according to a mutual settlement.
- An authorization in the form of notarial deed is needed to conduct the searchings on client's behalf.
- We also may help in organizing family's reunions. We begin the work after receiving the money transfer to the office's current-account.
        We stay in continuous contact with the client because updated informations and settlements are essential. A term of one year is usually established for finishing the work but this period may be shorter. The work may be ordered in every other form after according to its cost. The client should supply us with any information concerning the family's history as well as copies of basic cartificates or any other evidences.
        Our office owns a large library and many exclusive materials. We search for reliable sources. Hypothetical cases are clearly mentioned. The work is always a particular research and made by experienced specialists. In case of ordering a work, please define its subject, otherwise it will be difficult to find the correct answers.
        Please have in mind that searchings outside the Country increase the costs.
When ordering a work please give your address and telephone number. In special cases, there is a possibility of payment in installments and we may even consider a non-conventional way of payment.
        The Office's Director is member of the Order of Polish Heraldry and Genealogy. In the case of the confirmed nobility of the family a specific certificate is issued.

Do not hesitate in ordering! This is an advantegeous offer!